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    Quick View Molasses and Oatmeal Luxe Bar Soap Price $8.50 Quick View Motherland Price $14.99 Quick View Hibiscus Rose Price $13.99 Quick View My Darling Camellia Price $14.99 Quick View Citrus Rice & Amaranth Price $14.99 Quick View Dreamland Price $13.99 Quick View Hibiscus & Ginger Price $13.99 Quick View Peppermint Citrus (1.oz) Price $5.00 Quick View Peppermint Citrus (2.oz) Price $10.00 Quick View Orange Bliss Lotion Tin (1.0z) Price $5.00 $5.00 / 1oz $5.00 per 1 Ounce Quick View Orange Bliss Lotion Tin (2.0z) Price $10.00 $10.00 / 2oz $10.00 per 2 Ounces Quick View Blue Moss Lotion Tin (1.oz) Price $5.00 Quick View Blue Moss Lotion Tin (2.oz) Price $10.00 Quick View Pocket Square (Men's Collection) Price $8.50 Quick View Masuline Marvel (Men's Collection) Price $8.50 Quick View Coco Latte (Men's Collection) Price $8.50 Quick View Himalayan Salt Bar (Not for Sensitive Skin) Price $6.00 Quick View Sea Coast Blue (Oily Skin) Price $7.50 Quick View Spinach & Avocado all natural (All Skin Types) Price $12.00 Quick View Charka Bar (Combination Skin) Price $9.00 Load More More Than Soaps PASSAGE PRODUCTS Watch Now LATEST VIDEOS WATCH MORE WATCH MORE WATCH MORE VIEW ALL VIDEOS

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    Founder, Passage Products JACQUELINE WILLIAMS Passage is about the celebration of our collective. journey.Each product was created to inspire and celebrate the many different paths that we travel to arrive at a place of Joy and Peace in our lives. ​ Our vision is to inspire the world through a positive message that will uplift and spread love around the globe.We are a company that supports causes from the betterment of all people.Our aim is to bring the best in Cultural Heritage and diversity from around the world, through fragrances, color, textiles,and services. ”Come Experience The Passage” " EMBRACING OUR PASSAGE WILL THEN BUILD EXCELLENCE" More Than Just Books EMBRACE OUR HERITAGE MULTI-FACETED & EDUCATIONAL LEARNING TOOL POSITIVE SELF IMAGING AFRICAN LANGUAGE

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